Standard Solutions

The marking of platforms and offshore structures typically requires a bespoke solution. However, we try to achieve a custom made solution using standard “building blocks”. Over the course of many years, we have developed a number of standard solutions, which can easily be modified to comply with you specific requirements.

The majority of the system we supply, are used on platforms. But we also offer solutions for jackets and monopiles.  

Below we present our standard solutions, which have been used on a large variety of offshore structures, for both short and long term.

Model: Poseidon

Introduction: 2015

In use from 2015 – present, without regular maintenance

A compact light station, ideal for emergency situation, or for situations where the Morse U lights need to be moved regularly.

Model: TriTON

Introduction: 2015

The most popular solution to mark a jacket with safe decks above the splash zones, for example on new jackets for OWF substations. Fully autonomous, in accordance with IALA and the Mijnbouwregeling.

Model: Trident

Introduction: 2017

By far our most used base model for the marking of medium to large sized platforms. A typical configuration consists of 3 skids interconnected, but depending on the requirements, it is possible to use anywhere between 2 and 5 skids. The skids are designed to be re-used.

Model: Okeanis

Introduction: 2022

Our most advanced system to date. Using a 20′ container as the base for the entire system, with the solar panels mounted on top. A single Okeanis unit is equivalent to 3 Trident skids.

We can also develop a system based on a 10′ of even a 40′ container.

Model: Neptune


Introduction: 2023

Our standard design to mark a monopile of jacket. just drop it in and it works. The system can be activated remotely. The base is adjusted to the pile size or leg diameter required. 

Standard configuration/options:

All our solutions can be supplied with:

– 10 nm Morse U marine lanterns (main/backup if required)

– 2 nm fog horn

– visibility sensor

– day/night sensor

– AIS transceiver

– Aviation Obstruction Lights

– Remote Control

– powering of your equipment such as Pressure Transmitters or Gas Leak Detectors