Welcome to our dedicated Decommissioning website.

P.C. Jansen Marine & Offshore Trading BV has become a leading provider of solutions to mark abandoned (cold stack / Lighthouse mode) platforms. We are market leader in the Netherlands and Ireland and have provided solutions for over 25 platforms and jackets.

On the pages of this website you find more specific information about the solutions we offer. This could either be a standard solution or a fully bespoke one.Our systems have been in use since 2013 and the longest operational system currently deployed, has been working non-stop without maintenance since 2015.

As per November 2023 we also offer rental solutions.

Each and every platform is different, regulations differ per country. This means that all our solution are partly bespoke. 
Please contact us, so we can provide you with a solution as well.

+31-(0)85- 0655 755